“It began with a piece which I fell in love with: Eugène Ysaÿe’s Poème élégiaque. You have to tune the bottom violin string a tone lower. That explains the dark character, which you hear particularly in the middle, which is a funeral march. Ysaÿe dedicated it to Gabriël Fauré. And so the idea for this CD was born: violin music by composers who honoured and inspired one another. I found out, for example, that Fauré often visited the famous singer Pauline Viardot’s salon. It was there that he premiered the Romance. At first it sounds like a rather sweet Fauré, but passions rise high in the middle. Fauré was briefly engaged to a daughter of Viardot. The Russian writer Ivan Toergenjev, Viardot’s lover, used the affaire in his short story Le chant de l’amour triomphant, on which, in turn, Ernest Chausson based his Poème, with its dreamy music and a tragic ring. Chausson dedicated it to Ysaÿe and drew inspiration from his Poème élégiaque, as one hears in the high violin trills at the end of both pieces."

-- Rosanne


bbc music, Elinor Cooper


“Rosanne Philippens’s brilliantly focused, expressive sound is coupled with an inspired programme of music by and for virtuoso violinists of the Romantic period. An absolute joy from start to finish”

Date: January 2017
Referring to: CD ‘Dedications’ *****


Gramophone, Richard Bratby

“….there is extraordinary attention to detail in Philippens’s and Julien’s performance. It is beautifully warm without being self-indulgent or aggressive. Philippens’s strongest impression is one of controlled legato, which drives the muscular passages as much as the intensely lyrical ones into which they continually disappear, as it does in her performance of the Lento Maestoso of Ysayë’s Fourth Sonata in particular”

Date: January 2017
Referring to: CD ‘Dedications’