The Amsterdam Salon pop up

In november 2016 Rosanne started the Amsterdam Salon in a cosy wearhouse in the north of Amsterdam. The audience would sit on comfortable couches , chairs or lying on the floor on matresses, next to them a fireplace, in their hand a good glass of wine fitting the taste of the program, fingerfood and a concert with personal stories by Rosanne and her friends. Afterwards there would be a jamsession, for everybody to join, that could go on till the morning. Rosannes shared playground.

The Amsterdam Salon is taking a new path, in a pop-up format. Let’s bring the cosy vibe everywhere: how can we design any space into a salon and create the typical Amsterdam Salon cosyness ?

The Amsterdam Salon Ingredients:

- A one-hour program high-quality accessable program
- Program verbally explained
- Candle light atmosphere
- Wine and fingerfood based on the musical program
- A jam afterwards in which everybody is free to express themselves. Especially: audience members!

If you have a exciting space and can imagine a salon there, or you can’t imagine it at all, both are good reasons to start the conversation with an email to